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Quantum meaning "Infinite" and 
Relief meaning, well, "Relief"

Your treatment, resulting in "infinite relief" blends the wonders of the ancient healing arts with the blessings of modern science to help your practitioner get to the root of your problems, and therefore END the symptoms, as opposed to chasing them or covering them up.

LISTEN TO A FEW QUANTUM RELIEF clients who have gone before you........

" I never cease to be amazed at how much healing I have left to do and how your QR Sessions nail the problems right on the head and simplify my life with an easy plan of how to fix things.Thank You. "   RM  Tennessee

 "Dr. Julie- Just a note to say that after our trip down (to Tennessee) to have you work on us - Mark is doing wonderfully with everything you suggested to him.  He's even lost five pounds, has more energy, no more baggies around the eyes, and is more alert and attentive with everyday things.  He is now  a 100% "believer."  Yeah!  Yet again, thank you so much for you help, and your contributions to helping people and the world, one exam at a time."   SL -Va. 

"I had the worst hormonal issues ever, and had been to several doctors to try and get things straightened out. Having a Quantum Relief Healing Alignment Session was the best thing I ever did.No more night sweats, no more hot flashes, and all this with no more drugs. Who would have thought it could be so simple?"     LS - Tenn

"My therapist went off of a flow chart and traced my current problems back to something I had totally forgotten about happening when I was 5 years old.  Do you know that I have not had ONE headache since then? Wow."    SB -Ohio

"Cold and hot water, a poke here and there and no more bunions. I do not pretend to understand it, but I LOVE the results."    JA - Tenn

I just wanted to have a baby. Now I am pregnant.Who could ask for better results than that?  Just a few things were standing in my way and QR found out what they were and unblocked them.   LM-Ohio

"My skin was so bad and I had no idea why. I received a QR treatment after driving 7 hours - as this was the closest therapist to me- and I not only understood WHY I had been having skin eruptions, but I knew what to do to make them end.....and it worked. I have really only three words to say - -Thank You and Wow!!"   LR - Mich


These highly qualified Quantum-Relief practitioners have graduated their class and passed both the practical and the written exam with a 95% or better score, and have completed a rigorous case study load with full peer-reviewed report of findings AND published papers on the subjects related to the PRESENT TIME flow chart in the Quantum-Relief technique.

Rebekah A Gleghorn - Nashville ,Tennessee - 931- 557 -5005
Lisa Kent - Wellington Florida 561-310-3450
Lisa Merrick - Vancouver WA - 360 -574 -2678
Greg and Julie Montgomery, Founders - Taft, Tn 931- 557-5005
Andrea L Shetley Fayetteville Tn 931-438-9339
Anita Naanes- Seymour IN - 812- 523- 6720
Asa Palm - INTERNATIONAL- SWEDEN - 4626166257
Dr Tom Ruhsam DC - Vancouver WA - 360- 601- 2540
Isabelle Durand - Switzerland INTERNATIONAL

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