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Let me give you a hug. This is the lowest that my blood pressure and my blood sugar has been in a long long time!!  And the medical doctors told me it could not be done with drugs. I am so glad you have me eating better, and the whole food farmacy snacks with the cinnamon (CInnamon Phi) really help to keep my hunger under control and my blood sugar down just like you said it would. Thank you so much.    William King, Fayetteville TN

Its about time to be feeling better - I did not think it was possible after what the doctors told me, but then the great staff at Holistic Therapy Services has me back on the road to recovery and I feel great! Thanks.
ALC Fayetteville Tn

The medical doctors held out no hope and said that my husband would not survive another few weeks.  Our friend in town told us about Dr. Julie and Holistic Therapy Services and we took a shot in the dark and came to her.  I can not believe that my husband is not only still with us and feeling great, but since we had to make a lifestyle change so he would get better, our whole family feels better. I just can not thank you all enough, the entire office staff is terrific. Alice takes care of your every need and appointments with Rebekah are wonderful too. Thanks to all of you!!    SDR Michigan

There are not words enough to express how thankful I am that I got my life back. I am now climbing stairs and doing things I would not have thought possible even a month ago. This is wonderful and you can count on me to spread the word. Thank you.  A.D. Fayetteville, Tn

 Have I told you guys lately how GOOD GOD IS? My heart went out of rythym again today. I chose not to make a trip to St Thomas to be "cardioverted" instead I went to DRAGONFLY WHOLESTIC MEDICINE. Praise God! Dr. Julie got my heart back into rythym! I tell you guys... THAT IS THE PLACE TO GO! I would not be here today if not for Dr Julie and my precious Rebekah. Ask me about Dragonfly anytime.
Lisa Thomas R.N. , Fayetteville, Tn

I am so glad that we made the trip to see you, I am really feeling much better. It is amazing how much the medical profession seems to keep us in the dark.  I am glad that my grandchildren live locally to you so that they can see you often.  Thank you for keeping in touch with me , even though I am a remote client.  I love your Fab Food Cookbook for November by the way!!

 just wanted to give you an update on Nicole- she is doing great.  She is finally eating correctly  - no gluten or sugar!!!  So happy!  She wants to be better so she is doing it!    It is going on 4 months now- she is so fun healthy and HAPPY.  Lost some weight and lost most of the bad attitude even.  I feel like we are getting there.  She still has little rash on the tops of her feet.  But that is it. Nothing like it was before.  Allergies are 80% gone- bad around cows and horses- not like it used to be-tolerable.  So proud of her!!!! Anyways I really wanted you to know.  I hope you are doing well- you have changed our lives and I will forever have You on my list of people I am thankful for.  
Thanks,Kara LangelandMichigan

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that I feel like I have gotten my life back. I always knew I could feel better than I have for the last 10 years. Everyone kept telling me "you're 72- what do you expect?" - and you are the first one to agree with me- I should expect better!!  Now- thanks to the easy diet and the great herbs you gave me - I actually feel like I am still in my 50's- maybe even my 40's. THANK YOU . My only regret is that I did not find you in my 40's or my 50's - 
M.S. / Fayetteville, Tn



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